Zoom In is embedded professional development for your teachers

Too often, PD is disconnected from what teachers do in the classroom. With Zoom In, teacher learning is practice-based.

Each Zoom In lesson is an opportunity for teachers use, reflect on, and build these high-leverage practices, which loom large in the Danielson framework:

  • Posing higher-order questions

  • Helping students read and comprehend challenging texts

  • Facilitating effective classroom discussions

  • Using formative assessment and timely feedback to focus student improvement

  • Building students' skills as academic writers

As they teach, print and on-screen teacher guides give teachers clear rationales for each instructional move, and specific prompts to use with students. Videos demonstrate the moves in clear ways. Built-in assessment tools help teachers identify and address gaps in students’ knowledge and skills.

A school-wide solution

Leverage the strengths of your ELA and social studies teams. Team-teaching with Zoom In helps your ELA teachers gain skills in teaching informational texts and your social studies teachers gain skills in teaching close reading and writing.

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“I gained a much better understanding of the writing strengths and weaknesses of my students. Now when I create my own lessons, I keep the Zoom In structure in the back of my mind.”

Casey Grady, Seventh Grade Social Studies Teacher, Kansas