Zoom In!

Zoom In is a free, Web-based platform that helps students build literacy and historical thinking skills through “deep dives” into primary and secondary sources.

Zoom In’s online learning environment features 18 content-rich U.S. history units that supplement your regular instruction and help you use technology to support students’ mastery of both content and skills required by the new, higher standards:

  • Reading documents closely and critically
  • Identifying author's point of view and purpose
  • Engaging in higher-order, text-based discussions
  • Writing explanatory and argumentative essays grounded in evidence

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What they're saying:

"Virtually all of my students mentioned that the final product was one of the best papers they've ever written. A lot of them asked me when we get to use the tool again; I don't think I've EVER had a class that WANTED to write a paper."

Casey Grady, 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Kansas