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Zoom In was created by Education Development Center, Inc.’s Center for Children and Technology (EDC/CCT), in collaboration with the American Social History Project at City University of New York.

EDC's Center for Children and Technology (EDC/CCT) is a group of media researchers, teachers, and designers, based in New York City, who have been working with schools and teachers to improve the circumstances in which teaching and learning occur, with and without technology, for three decades. EDC/CCT conceived Zoom In’s design; tested prototypes in classrooms; managed the production of lessons, Web tools, and teacher support materials; and conducted a national field study to test its efficacy.

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Key EDC/CCT staff include: 

Bill Tally, Ph.D., Project Director

Jim Diamond, Ph.D., Senior Instructional Designer

Valentine Burr, Senior Curriculum Writer

Jeffrey Nelson, Senior Editorial Writer

Katie Culp, Ph.D., Research Director

Noah Goodman, Director of Teacher Outreach

Heather Kim, Production and Research Associate

John Parris, Senior Designer


American Social History Project (ASHP) is one of the country’s foremost centers for scholarship and teaching about U.S. history. Based at the City University of New York, for more than 30 years ASHP has written books, produced documentaries, created digital and online programming, and organized teacher professional development programs that expand how people learn U.S. history and illuminate the ways that working people and “ordinary” Americans shaped the nation’s past. ASHP historians and history educators created each Zoom In lesson, informed by the latest scholarship, and grounded in decades of work with history teachers in real classrooms.  

Key ASHP staff include:

Ellen Noonan, Ph.D., Instructional Designer and Curriculum Developer

Leah Potter, Instructional Designer and Curriculum Developer

Peter Mabli, Curriculum Developer

Heather Wilson, Curriculum Developer

Isa Vasquez, Administrator 


Zoom In's website was developed by the creative designers and programmers at Blenderbox

The development of Zoom In was supported by a generous grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Additional work:

Videography by Town Square Films

Additional videography by Kouross Esmaeli

Splash video music by Brendan Walsleben

Splash video titles by Madeline Bearzi